Thank you XenoVida for taking time out to come and highlight your company to our staff at John Lewis in Cambridge. Your interesting, detailed and very honest service (Initial Assessments) tied in perfectly with our health and well-being event. It was a very successful day and your stand had people talking for days after.
Some of the feedback from staff: "This was amazing- something I did not know even existed." "I was thrilled with my report- a lot healthier than I thought." "This is definitely something I'm interested in taking further." "Was great. Tells you so much about yourself that you would never really pursue, I am interested to find out more."

Event Organiser

My Xenovida report, for the first time, gave me a more holistic assessment of what is going on inside my body from a bio-chemical perspective and a very personalised approach as to how I could make changes to improve my overall health. The easy to read and digest report gives you not only the hard data, which I can't argue with, but also the direction (backed up by a team of scientific, medical and nutrition specialists) for how to make meaningful change to my diet and exercise to improve it!


The package offered by XenoVida makes it different from other slimming aids. They address the whole picture which includes your emotions which is always affects my dieting. Keeping a check on your well being is also an incentive to keep on track with their advice, which again is an added plus. If you want to kick your weight into touch once and for all, you can't go wrong with joining this team.


I'd like to thank you and the Xenovida team for showing me that me being in good health is more than just having the 'right' number on the scales each morning!
Perhaps more importantly for me, the information in my XenoVida report has made a real impact on the quality of my life. Having implemented your recommendations I am now free from long-term use of antibiotics to treat my acne, my chronic joint pain has been relieved and my sleep quality improved.
Overall, I feel like a new woman! Thank you.

J. B.

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