XenoVida was created through the Health Through Science project at Xenovium Limited, a medicines research and development consultancy. Xenovida was formed as a stand-alone company in 2017 and works in partnership to deliver our services. Our partners include:

Louise Digby Nutrition: provides clinic facilities and XenoVida Profiling and Support Programmes in North Essex.

Reciprocal Minds Limited: specialising in personal and professional health, wellbeing and performance to support our clients in creating behaviour change.

The Doctors Laboratory: handling all our blood sample analysis for our bespoke panel of biomarkers.

Indigo 21: a leading IT and BPO solutions provider who developed our IT systems including the secure database, analysis systems and website.

Origins of Motion: an expert video production company who created our promotional video.

Limewash Limited: a Cambridge-based marketing, brand and communications business who designed our branding.

Platform First: specialises in a Systems Engineering approach to develop and strengthen biotechnology platforms.


The XenoVida team comprises experts and professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds and collectively brings together more than 150 years of experience.
We all share a common mission to help you improve your health status. By providing you with quality information on how your body is functioning and personalised advice, we aim to support you in making beneficial changes to your health.
We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you as one of our clients.



020 3355 1400

Essex Clinic:

Unique Body Clinic, Sandy Hill, Coggeshall Road, Braintree, Essex CM77 8EU

You will be able to book an ESSENTIAL Profiling session at The Unique Body Clinic, Braintree :

If you would like to find out more about partnering with XenoVida, please use the ENQUIRY button below.